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The arts are an integral part of personal development, as they provide a means for students learn how to make meaning from their experiences, and to effectively communicate in a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic forms.

Through the arts, students learn essential social, technical and thinking skills. These skills form the basis of all student learning: students need to think of themselves as citizens and collaborators…. as people with character and voice…. and with the ability to be both creative and critical.



In our program we strive for a balance of technical excellence and quality idea development. We use the creative and critical analysis processes to assist students in maturing in all the forms that make up The Arts.

At David Suzuki Secondary school we offer a full complement of art courses including dance, drama, media art, music and visual art. Through all courses, students develop critical and creative thinking skills as they explore a variety of themes and issues that are relevant to the student’s lives, communities and cultures. We strive to take both local and global perspectives into consideration as students think about a variety of subject matter to inspire their creations.

We also are strong advocates for environmental stewardship and embed environmental advocacy and responsibility into all of our courses. Students will learn about the impact that the arts have on the environment and how the arts can be used to raise social awareness.