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Media Art is an interdisciplinary form, allowing the artist to draw on experience and expertise from dance, drama, music and visual art. In this program of study, we use digital technologies to assist with the connections students between art forms, between academic disciplines and most importantly the world beyond the walls of school.

In this program we explore still imagery, moving imagery, hybrid forms, and interactivity in the context of developing and refining critical and creative thinking. As you progress through this program you will develop increasingly sophisticated strategies for creating artworks for exhibition.

Program Pathways

Media Arts courses will count towards your compulsory arts credit for your Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

ASM2O0 is an open level courses, with no pre-requisites. It is recommended however that a grade 9 course in the arts (e.g. ADA1O0, ATC1O0, AMU1O3/5 or AVI1O0) be taken to introduce you to basic arts concepts and processes).

ASM3M0 & ASM4M0 are university college preparation courses.  ASM2O0 is a pre-requisite for ASM3M0.

ASM3M0 is the prerequisite for ASM4M0. It is important to identify post-secondary portfolio requirements as the learning in the grade 12 course provides excellent content for a variety of college and university entrance portfolio requirements.

Course Descriptions

ASM2O0 – Grade 10 Media Art – Open

What is your story? In grade 10 Media Art you will explore various aspects of narrative by using new and emerging technologies to create meaningful imagery. You will use digital photography, digital illustration, digital imaging, animation, video, and sound to visually express yourself. Media Art is a hybrid discipline that emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to learning, so you will be incorporating Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Art into your projects. You will develop the basic skills necessary to use a particular medium, apply techniques in a familiar context, and follow the creative process to apply the techniques in innovative and unconventional ways. You will also learn to communicate purposefully about your work and the works of others.

ASM3M0 – Grade 11 Media Art – University / College

Who are you?  In grade 11 Media Art you will explore how you form the various sides of your identity, and how you share that identity with the world.  You will continue to refine your knowledge and skills in a variety of interdisciplinary art media and forms to create artworks that raise awareness of social and environmental issues. You will use your skills to independently and collaboratively create artworks that incorporate traditional elements of the contributing art forms of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art as well as new and emerging tools and processes in the creation of polished artworks with the intention of educating your audience on local and global themes.

ASM4M0 – Grade 12 Media Art – University / College

Are you curious how the arts can change the world? In this project based course, the class will assume an inquiry project in which the contributing arts will be used to make a positive social impact in the local and / or global community. You will apply your knowledge and understanding of the creative and critical analysis processes to make media artworks that are designed for specific audiences to educate and more importantly engage others in social justice. You will independently and collaboratively will refine your knowledge and understanding of a variety of digital tools for manipulating still images, creating moving images, creating hybrid images for specific visual and experiential effect for your target audience.

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